24 June 2012 at 16:51

Egypt (preamble): A Historic Week!

After 17 months of Revolution – initiated by the liberals who wanted neither the Army nor the Muslim Brothers – Egypt finally knows the name of its new President: Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Find out how this all came to pass and relive through the eyes of Pauline Garaude, this past week that has changed the history of Egypt:

During the week that followed the second round of presidential elections on June 17th, Moubarak was announced to be in a coma, the Army postponed the results of the elections to examine reported fraud cases, and the Brothers invaded Tahrir to demand Morsi and to oust the Army who has recently granted itself the power via an “institutional coup d’Etat“. Nothing is certain for the Brothers. The president has no power. The Army still holds all the powers.

A new showdown is launched opposing the Army to the islamists. And the Revolutionaries, they must think about saving their Revolution.

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