23 June 2012 at 13:32

Under a Journalist’s Skin

The life of an international journalist is pure adventure. Despite that fact, we the readers of newspapers and magazines, or listeners of radio broadcasts, only have certain films and our imagination to fill in the knowledge gap of what such lives that we don’t really know. Television provides us images, but we don’t witness on-the-go the journalist’s experience.

BrokenTrack invites you therefore to take part in these travels and experience the aventure ! We follow a journalist during her investigation and invite you to get under the skin of an international journalist.

Although you will not travel physically, there is indeed some risk involved with this adventure, because you will be taking part in the investigation. This will be an investigation constructed by a pro, and not hear-says which we try to establish in lieu of the journalist’s work. Through the eyes of the journalist, take part in the interviews, meet people, and visit the locations of events which are marking current affairs and news.

You will watch the episodes of this adventure on video, and also on photographs. You can also engage in conversation with the producers, other interested people or even with the journalists themselves via Facebook or Twitter. Please don’t hesitate the say Hi and share your views.

Because BrokenTrack highlights the work of a journalist, but it also gives room and encourages each person to form a personal opinion of what is happening on the ground. You will see: it’s not as easy as it seems. So, let’s go !

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